Music Theory static

There are dozens of responses to define music theory, from the most objective even philosophical ramblings. In general, music is the art of combining sounds. Until the twentieth century sought to distinguish music from noise, but today anything is music, as well as any garbage is called a work of art. Due century.

Each time someone made ​​an innovation was always a stream of scholars and learned to proclaim that this is not music theory.” All the great composers were ignored by his time, criticized, attacked and even forgotten. This is precisely what made them great.

Music Theory is made of what?

music theory isIgnoring all the innovations, as musique concrete and other animals, music theory is made of sounds defined. What is a sound set? A given vibration which can be measured. This falls under the physical properties of sound, but, as good journalists do not understand anything physical. So let’s get down to business.

Music sound is made. Right. All melodies, all songs written so far were made with 12 sounds. Hey, but the musical notes are not seven? Yes, seven are: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si. But if you look on the piano keyboard, you will see that among these seven notes there are other 5, so-called “black keys”. I know how difficult it is for students, but with the aid of a computer, we have that 7 + 5 = 12. Oh, twelve! That’s right, 12 notes.

Now you must be wondering: what is this 12 sounds if the piano has 88 keys? It’s true.

The case is the following: the sounds repeat every 12 Using as an example the keyboard of a piano, see that the keys are arranged uniformly. If you press a key at random, we will hear a sound. Following this key, pressing that is on your left (either black or white) have another sound. Repeating this movement 11 times, the twelfth grade will be equal to that first. Equal no more acute.

Qualities of sounds in music theory

Before to explain this subject, know that you can learn all about music theory here:

Everyone knows what is high and low, so I will not waste time explaining. Nevertheless, the sounds are not just serious” or acute”. So what?


Well, we have twelve notes that are repeated at different times. We refer to the pitch when we want to explain that he is sharp or severe. A sound is loud when it is acute; we say that a sound is low when it is severe.


You see, the pitch of a sound no NO NO for the volume of sound. When his mother desperate screams DAMN THAT LOWERS SOUNDshe is making a mistake. What she wants is for you to decrease the volume. The volume of sound is measured in degrees ranging from strong to weak - or, if you prefer, buy a device and measure in decibels.

Musical timbre

Tell me something, how do you differentiate a guitar from a trombone? The sound is different,” you will answer. Great, you say the obvious. And if the two were playing the same note? Um would still be different. Why? Why these instruments have different timbres. Timbre is the quality that allows us to distinguish one sound from another. Thus, we say that a trombone has a different timbre of a guitar.